RHP (Chelmsford) Sports & Social Club

Match Report

Match Report - 04 Jun 2024, RHP (Chelmsford) Sports & Social Club CMBL 'B' lost to Danbury D

A close affair on Rink 4 with Danbury only taking the lead for the first time on the 19th end, running out winners by 20-18.
Meanwhile the hosts got off to a flying start on Rink 5, building up at 25-2 lead after 12 ends before RHP rallied to make the final score 30-8

Danbury D 8 - 0 RHP (Chelmsford) Sports & Social Club CMBL 'B'

Name Details
1 Vince Hoctor
2 Carol Rhyce-Rees
3 Sue Corthine
4 Les Gray
5 John Hendle
6 Elizabeth Hendle
7 John Zschoch
8 Neil Turner
9 A.N. Other
10 A.N. Other