RHP (Chelmsford) Sports & Social Club

RHP (Chelmsford) Sports & Social Club - Carpet Mon Tues Rules


RULES FOR 2023-2024.


  1. Each team will normally compromise of FOUR players. If due to illness or holidays, Captains may use ONE member of another team, (other than the opposing team) from the same day. Failing this from either day. If a substitute is used they must play LEAD.


  2. If a team HAS to play with THREE players there will be a loss of 25% of their score.


  3. Each game will consist of 18 ends with NO TRIAL ENDS.


  4. If the “Jack” is knocked off, a score of 2 will be awarded to the opponents and it will count as an end.




  1. The captain is responsible for ensuring his/her players are available for each game, and also for selecting fairly all players in his/her squad.


  2. The Captain is responsible for collecting the score cards at the commencement of the league match and returning the completed and signed cards at the end of the game.


  3. The Captain is responsible for collecting the match fee (£2.00. per person) and handing it to the treasurer or a nominated Committee member before the commencement of the match.


  4. The Captains are to be responsible for the unrolling/rolling up of the mats and preparing the pavilion for the indoor matches, as required.


  5. The Captain of the Highlighted team on the FIXTURE LIST will designate one of his/her squad to make the tea on the day indicated.


  6. If the Captain is absent for any reason, he should ensure that the ACTING SKIP is aware of, and conversant with the duties above.