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RHP (Chelmsford) Sports & Social Club - Need A Sub

To Afternoon Captains

From Secretary, Mid-Week Bowls        2023-2024


If you wish to use a substitute from another team because of a team shortage arising out of illness or holidays, below is a list of contact phone numbers of the other captains who may be able to help. This year a new rule allows Captains to use one member of another team, (other than the opposing team) from the same day. Failing this, from either day. If a substitute is used they must play LEAD. Also if any team has to play with only 3 players, there will be a 25% loss of their score.



        Team  A  David Oxford                       01245 351406

        Team  B Gillian Gurney                      07962 137194

        Team  C Birgit Wilkinson                   01245 284111

        Team  D Lynne Bailey                        01245 35663

        Team  E David Milton                         01245 440449

        Team  F John Clark                            01245 223781



        Team G Paul Clayton                         01245  604035

        Team H Julia Stratton                        01245 464860

        Team J Doreen Ralph                        01245 261048                 

        Team K Diane Herbert                       01245 443992

        Team L Colin  Reynolds                   01245  632621

        Team M Dennis Bryan                      01245 445142

I hope this will be of help if and when you are short of a player.